Premier League has hit the United States and it tastes good | Barney Ronay

A deal with NBC brings the Premier League into the homes of Americans every Saturday and it is still a brilliant, unvarnished product

One of the most striking things about visiting the United States these days is noticing for the first time how much of the world’s most powerful nation, this glorious frontier land lodged between two shining seas, is coated in breadcrumbs. Basically they breadcrumb everything now. It’s not just breadcrumbed meat, breadcrumbed vegetables, breadcrumbed pizza, or even, in the absence of visible crumb, that chemical glaze the US seems to apply to everything from breakfast cereals to yoghurt to the hair, skin and teeth of its presidential candidates.

At one point during my holiday there this summer, which was, in fairness, in Florida, the country’s great scented armpit, I bought a sandwich containing breadcrumbed chicken and breadcrumbed aubergine crammed between two slices of bread that were, in a rare case of missed opportunity, not breadcrumbed.

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