The Fiver | Previous in the field of Euro-slapstick

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When the Queen’s Celtic go into a Big Cup qualifying round first leg and beat a team British football fans who don’t wear beards, ironic spectacles and Fortuna Sittard away shirts have actually heard of, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a good result. A club that is capable of losing to Maribor after advancing to the final round of Big Cup qualifying, despite losing 6-1 on aggregate is clearly capable of anything. So when you think of the various calamities that could have befallen a team with their previous in the field of Euro-slapstick, heading for the second leg with a 3-2 lead is probably not ideal, but certainly no bad thing … not that you’d know it from some of the glum faces streaming out of a rocking Queen’s Celtic Park after Wednesday night’s five-goal thriller.

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